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What happens when someone who holds a Card Services Credit Card passes away?

The loss of a family member or friend is a difficult time in your life but we are here to help.

Once we are notified that a customer has passed away, we will send a letter outlining the additional information we need to receive, which will include information on who can act as the “eligible representative” and the supporting documents that we will need to receive from them. This letter will be sent either to the legal address of the deceased or, if requested by the person who provided us with the initial notification, to another address of their choosing. At the same time, we will also place a hold on the card(s) on the deceased customer’s account, which means that any Additional Cardholder(s) on the Account will no longer be able to spend on their cards.

After we receive the required documents, we will work with the eligible representative to finalise the Estate.

Who can notify that a customer has passed away, and how?

You do not need to be acting in an official capacity or on behalf of the Estate, to provide us with initial notification of the deceased customer’s passing.

If you need to contact us about the loss of a loved one you can do this over the phone or through mail. We are here to support you.

Deceased Estate Management Team
  • Within Australia: 1300 135 538
  • Calling from Overseas: +61 2 8225 0620
  • Attn: Estate Management
  • Reply Paid
  • GPO Box 40
  • Sydney NSW 2001
Who can access the deceased customer's account details?

Only the eligible representative will be able to access information on the Account, after we have received and verified the required documentation (see below). The following people can act as the eligible representative:

  • Executor
  • Next of Kin
  • Solicitors acting on behalf of the Deceased Estate
  • Public Trustees acting on behalf of the Deceased Estate
How can I get information on payments to/from the deceased customer's account?

The eligible representative can request a list of all the recurring payments on the account, over the past 13 months, by calling our Customer Care Team on 1300 135 538.

What documents are needed to finalise the Estate?

Information on what is needed to finalise the Estate are included in the letter that we will send once we are initially notified of the deceased customer’s passing.

The "eligible representative" will need to provide a copy of at least one of the documents listed below, as well as the Individual Identification Form. These documents include:

  • Death Certificate
  • Solicitor’s or Coroner’s Letter
  • Grant of Probate
  • Letters of Administration
  • A certificate issued by the public trustee or Trustee Company authorised to do so.

Documents are not required to be certified

The document(s) and a completed Individual Identification Form, should be sent to us at:

Attn: Estate Management

Reply Paid

GPO Box 40

Sydney NSW 2001

What happens after the required documentation is received by Card Services?

Once we have received an official notification of death, we will reverse any interest and fees that may have been charged from the date of death.

If a balance is owed, we will send the “eligible representative” a letter confirming the balance as at the date of death, along with the most recent statement which includes payment details. If no balance is owed, we will simply close the account and send a letter confirming this. If the account is in credit, we will send a bank cheque to the executor of the estate along with a letter explaining why they are receiving the cheque.

Will I be responsible for the deceased customer’s debt?

The Estate is responsible for the debts of the deceased.

Where do I find the forms needed to process the Estate?

Forms you may need can be accessed through the links below:

Individual Identification Form

Indemnity Form (Executor)

Indemnity Form (Beneficiary)

Can the credit card account be transferred to the Supplementary card holder?

No, any credit card in the name of the primary cardholder will be closed as our credit contract was with the primary cardholder. This means any supplementary cards will no longer be able to use.