Simple and easy to use.

Simple and easy to use.


For all Rewards information, please visit cardservicesdirect.com.au/rewards

For all general Cards information, you can contact us via cardservicesdirect.com.au/contactus

Collect an application form from your nearest branch or simply call 1300 135 538 to apply by phone.

Application Forms can be submitted either:
Through your participating branch,

Or post to:
Card Services
Reply Paid 1625
(no stamp required)

Allow up to 3 weeks for your application to be processed and for your Card to be posted to you. You will be able to personalise your ATM PIN directly online when you’re registered to Card Services Internet Banking via cardservicesdirect.com.au/register.
To obtain a Telephone PIN (TPIN), which allows you to bank over the phone, please contact us on 1300 135 538

You first need to create your Card Services Online User ID : select 'Register' on the Sign On page and follow the instructions. The details you will need in order to create a User ID are:

1. Your 16 Digit Credit Card number ; or your 14 Digit Diners Club Card number (includes your 16 Digit companion Mastercard),

2. CVV number, and

3. Date of Birth

Also, please keep your mobile phone handy as we will send you a One-Time PIN via SMS to authorise your request.

Once you have created your User ID and Password, you can start using Internet Banking

Simply sign on via the Home page. If it is your first time using online banking, you need to Register first - follow the online demo

It is a randomly generated 6 digit Password which is a stronger method of authenticating your online transactions. Each time you perform online transactions through Card Services Online you'll be required to enter a Card Services OTP. The Card Services OTP is received via SMS to your mobile phone.

Click here to find out more.

To access cash via an ATM, an ATM PIN is required.

A PIN is only applicable when you are physically present at the point-of-sale during the purchase of $100 or more or cash-out transaction. You should never share your PIN with anyone if purchasing goods online or via the telephone. Online transactions will require your CCV number which can be found on the back of your card.

You can set up your PIN online: log on to Card Services Online at cardservicesdirect.com.au and select 'Change ATM PIN' under My Profile in the Services tab.

You do not need to know your existing ATM PIN to change or set up a new ATM PIN.

For security reasons, please ensure that you do not select a PIN which represents your date of birth or alphabetically is a recognisable part of your name as you may be held liable for any associated loss you incur.

If you are a First Time User, you’ll need to register for Card Services Online here first

To access Card Services Telephone Banking, a TPIN is required if you want to self-service. You will need to contact Card Services to get your TPIN.

Funds Transfer

You can make a funds transfer from any bank account.

By Mail using a Cheque
You can post us your payment by enclosing your completed Remittance Advice provided with your monthly statement and mail with your cheque (no notes or coins accepted) to the following address (also indicated on your statement):

Card Services
GPO Box 5427
Sydney NSW 2001

Please make your cheque payable to your Card Services Credit Card account number.
It would assist us in processing your payment if you write the actual credit card number on the back of your cheque.

Cheques payable to the account holder may also be accepted (e.g. dividend cheque, Medicare refund, etc) but cheques payable to a third party will not be accepted.

Australia Post

You can make payments at any Australia Post office displaying the Bank@PostTM symbol using cash or EFTPOS will be processed immediately. Remember to take your Credit Card with you for a faster transaction.
For payments made at any other Australia Post using cash or EFTPOS, please allow 48 hours for the payment to reach your account. When paying by cheque at any Australia Post office, please allow seven business days for the cheque to clear. However, funds will be considered received the day the cheque is deposited.


If you are registered online, you can use Bpay to make repayments ; you will need to log in cardservicesdirect.com.au, click on Make a Payment and follow the prompts (using the Search function and entering the Biller Code you will find on your invoice). You will need to have your mobile phone handy as we will send you a One-time Password to enable you to proceed.


With Easi-Pay, repayments on your Mastercard are automatically transferred from your nominated bank account (subject to available funds) - so there's no need to remember your monthly repayments. The direct debit takes place prior to the Payment Due Date and there is no charge by Card Services for this service.
Setting up Easi-Pay is simple: complete the Easi-Pay form (PDF), scan or take a picture and upload via cardservicesdirect.com.au/upload, or alternatively you can mail to GPO Box 40 Sydney NSW 2001

When you make a payment to your account using the Reference Number shown on your statement (which is also your Account number), the available limit is updated for you as the primary cardholder as soon as the payment is processed.

For purchases made by additional cardholders, their available limit will be updated when your next statement is issued. If you need to make credit available to them earlier, you can make payments to your account using the additional cardholder's card number as the Reference Number.

As many countries have now fully migrated to use secure chip and PIN technology, it is strongly recommended that if you do not know your PIN, you request one prior to travelling overseas. We recommend this because in some countries, a transaction performed with a chip credit card can only be completed with a PIN and not a signature.

Yes. Simply complete the Authorised Person Request form and return it to us via cardservicesdirect.com.au/upload

You are able to request to close your credit card account by:

  1. 1. Internet Banking (available from 27 December 2018);  or 
  2. 2. contacting us on 1300 135 538.

To request your credit card account to be closed through Internet Banking, simply log in, Go to Services> Card Services>Manage my account>Account Closure Request and follow the prompts. If you have not used Internet Banking before, you will need to register first.

Personal Account

Business Account

Corporate Account

Merchant Account

Our Customer Service, Merchant Support and Authorisation Teams are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, for your convenience. For all general Card and Rewards information please contact us on 1300 360 060 (+61 3 8643 2210 if calling from overseas).

We understand that you may experience a sudden change in your life causing financial hardship. We are here to understand your situation and tailor our solutions to best suit your individual needs. So whether your situation is caused by unemployment, injury or illness, divorce, a natural disaster or an unexpected reduction in your income, we are here to help you get back on track. For more information, please click here

If your financial circumstances have changed due to COVID-19, or due to other factors such as unemployment, injury, illness or natural disaster, we have a longstanding Financial Hardship program available to support you with a personalised solution.

We recognise that each person and situation is unique. The type of assistance that we provide will therefore depend upon your individual circumstances.

Some of the types of assistance we may be able to provide you through our Financial Hardship program include:

    • reducing or deferring payments for a period of time

    • reducing your interest rate

    • restructuring your debt

    • waiving certain fees

We will contact you with available solutions for your individual situation within 21 days of receiving your application for Financial Hardship. Learn more

The loss of a family member or friend is a difficult time in your life but we are here to help. Please click here to find out more.